Hello From San Francisco

Judith Elleby (jelleby@sirius.com)
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 13:00:06 +0100

Hi Jimi Bah,

So your (e)mailbox is empty. One way to have your mailbox sprout mail is to
find those mailing lists that you may find interesting. There are all
kinds of lists. The instructions on how to subscribe are very easy. Then
when you are familiar with the list, you can throw in your two cents'
worth, and then pretty soon you are getting back lots of email and your
mailbox isn't empty anymore.

I also exchange email with my nieces, one lives in Costa Rica and the other
in Florida. We email almost everyday.
I exchange email with the people I used to work with, and there are a
couple of groups i belong to and can eamil a few of those people too. I
have found that using email instead of the telephone saves a lot of money.
But, once in a while hearing a real voice on the phone is nicer than email.
I also think that the art of letter writing has almost disappeared, but
you can use email to write letters too.

My father lived in Copenhagen and on the island of Bornholm, where I still
have relatives. I visited Denmark in 1985 but didn't get to Sweden. I
didn't have the time. I live in San Francisco, California. It's a very
beautiful city. Have you traveled outside of Sweden? Let me hear from
you. Tell me about your city of Horda.

Hopw you are well,