CERN web server 's CACHING does not work!

Wang Qu Fei (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 12:20:28 +0800

I have installed a CERN Web server 3.0pre6 with libwww2.16beta. It works
well as a normal Web server and proxy. But the caching does not work!

there is the config file:

ServerRoot /home3/CernServerRoot
Port 80
UserId nobody
GroupId daemon
AccessLog logs/access-log
ErrorLog logs/error-log
LogFormat Common
LogTime LocalTime
UserDir public_html
DirAccess selective
Pass http:*
Pass ftp:*
Pass gopher:*
Pass wais:*
Pass /* /home3/WebDoc/*
Caching On
CacheRoot /home3/web-cache
CacheSize 250 M
CacheClean http:* 3 month
CacheClean ftp:* 1 month
CacheClean gopher:* 10 days
CacheDefaultExpiry ftp:* 1 month
CacheDefaultExpiry gopher:* 20 days
CacheDefaultExpiry http:* 10 days
Gc On
GcDailyGc 3:00

Note: I add 'CacheDefaultExpiry http:* 10 days', no cache root dir is empty

Can anybody help me out?

Any hints is appreciated!


Robert Wang