NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0

Carl Samos (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 03:49:51 -0500

The NCSA Mosaic for Windows team is proud to announce the release of
NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0. This latest version of NCSA Mosaic for
Windows is a stable, feature packed, final release. We've fixed many
bugs from previous versions as well as added a few exciting new

- A new tool that allows Mosaic users to collaborate with each other.
It contains a multi-party chat environment, as well as the ability
to share files (images, sounds, Word documents, etc) in the
collaborative session by simply dragging and dropping them. Also,
users in the collaborative session can connect their Mosaics and
surf together.
- AutoSurf, a new tool that allows Mosaic to automatically fetch
web pages and download them to Mosaic's disk cache for better
surfing. Great for modem connections!
- A new Advanced Hotlist Manager that has true hotlist management
features including drag and drop, alphabetization, a "What's New"
function that automatically determines if entries in the hotlist
have changed since the last time they were visited, a search
mechanism that finds entries in the hotlist file, and hooks to the

NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0 is available for Windows 3.1x, but runs best
in Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Download NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0 from:


-Carl Samos
Development Lead - NCSA Mosaic for Windows