Re: Termination of POST body

Dave Long (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 11:26:23 -0700

Paul Phillips writes:
> Netscape/X and Mosaic/X terminate POST bodies with an extra \r\n. My
> server has been reading all data available on the socket, which means
> that the number of bytes sent to a CGI's stdin is two greater than the
> supplied content length.
> [...]
> Or, do all clients in normal use supply content-length, and this is a
> non-issue?

I have the reverse of this question: our clients send POST bodies, and
nothing but the POST bodies. (content-length == length of message)

We've only run across one instance where this caused problems, with a
CGI that wasn't paying attention to content-length. Are there any
reasons (other than strict compatibility) we should change it?