Re: Eolas releases WebRouser via the Internet

Christopher L. Werner (
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 10:33:59 -0400

At 07:52 AM 9/18/95 PDT, William Perry wrote:
>Joel Crisp writes:
>> Hi all..
>> Just a few comments :
>> =================================================================
>> 9/18/95 Chicago: Eolas Technologies announced today that it has
>> released its WebRouser(TM) applet-enabled World Wide Web
>> browser, royalty-free for individual non-commercial use.
>>-- end excerpt
> Who could possibly deny that this is a revolutionary new way to ignore
>the specification?

Well, looks like the vendors of browser/server/web software have continued
to innovate and like big brother Netscape, try to introduce a new HTML

While paradigms are worth breaking (sometimes) it begs the question - Will
there be a Certification process for all the Web products to test adherence
to specifications? A Spec which is ignored is useless.

How important is the entire process to the industry? I have seen this
problem in many technologies (IGES, STEP, Video standards, AC power
connections, HDTV) - jostle for market position and let the market dictate
the standard - or - form a committee and create a standard which all adhere
to. Without standardization HTML authorship will become an unguided,
undisciplined, creative expression - not bad stand-alone - but disastrous in
a cooperative environment.

It's not wrong it's just dangerous.

My $0.03 worth.

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