Re: bad-idea-of-the-day: Inline data as URL scheme?

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Fri, 1 Sep 1995 09:00:57 -0700

Re SGML tools, we found one that respected the limits in the SGML
decl awhile ago. OLIAS? I agree the limits (like capacities) aren't
useful, but that's something to tell to ANSI, where I understand
SGML revision efforts are rooted.

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Dan says:
>Er... this limit is (a) not a good idea, (b) not enforced except
>in things like SGMLS. I think it should go away (or become 999999,
>at least).

I agree with (a) most emphatically, but (b) is false. I remember
testing the limits on many browsers about 7 months ago, and found
that all had limits (some smaller than 1024), and some even crashed
when the buffers overflowed. Does anyone have new information?

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