WWW standards

Czanik Peter KTG I. (czanik@fang.fa.gau.hu)
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 10:14:27 +0200 (MET DST)


I'm currenly writing about WWW for school. I know already how to
install things, but I don't know how things work. So here are some questions:
- How is MIME related to HTTP(d)?
- What is the difference between URI and URL?
- What standards are available about the Web (and where to get them)?
Are there any ISO,ANSI,RFC or drafts about HTML 1-3.0, HTTP 0.9-1.0, URL, URI,
MIME, etc?
- And a question for the Netscape people: When will be a Linux
port of the Netsite Communications Server available? I have just
installed one, on a small FreeBSD machine of the faculty, but when will
be one for Linux for the rest of the faculty servers?
Thank you for your help:

Peter Czanik

Godollo University of Agriculture, Hungary