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Halley Beth Silver (
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 18:04:52 -0700

I have heard this question asked numerous times, so I am in the process of
creating just such a site. To do this properly and comprehensively is much
more work than any one person can handle. Help would be much appreciated.
Perhaps someone would offer to test a particular browser, since I can only
test on mac/linux/windows/xwin for linux.

I would also like to expand this site to be a central index for web
developers - it has been done but not anywhere as comprehensively as it
should (unless i'm missing something? - any url's i'm missing out on)

Thank you,


btw - sorry for responding so late, took a while to get the free time to do
this project.

At 8:36 PM 8/4/95, Steve wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I searched through the archives of www-talk and www-html but couldn't find any
>topics concerning browsers and standardization (or conformance). I'm wondering
>if there a page out there that lists characteristics of the major browsers,
>including those from Prodigy, AOL, etc.? Perhaps something in checkbox
>format, i.e.
> Browser tables stupid tags etc.
> -------------------------------------------
> Netscape 1.1N x x
> Mosaic 2.6 x
> Web Explorer x
> etc. x
>Are there any technical papers/discussions on browser standardization (yeah,
>Thanks in advance,
>Can't think of anything right now, other than the traditional e-mail address:
><a href="">Steve's Page</a>

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