Can you cache the unknown? (was Re: Session-ID proposal)

Mark S. Friedman (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 09:13:37 -0700

Bob Wyman writes:
> On a slightly different tack... It seems like this whole business of caching
> is getting a bit complicated... It also seems that much of the data needed
> to responsibly cache things is not covered in the HTTP specs themselves.
> Rather, a serious cache writer would have to spend a good bit of time
> reading www-talk, etc. to collect the necessary folk-lore. Adding alot of
> information about caching in the HTTP spec could make it more complex then
> neccessary. Thus, it would seem to me that it would be useful to put some
> effort into building at least an "informational" RFC or IETF-Draft on the
> subject of caching. Is someone already doing this? Would it make sense? If
> it isn't being done and it does make sense, I think I'll volunteer to try to
> fix this one...

I certainly support this effort. I have yet to discover a source of
comprehensive caching info and it would be much appreciated.


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