Re: Stop! [was: EOLAS blah blah blah...

Nick Arnett (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 08:49:36 -0700

At 8:36 PM 8/21/95, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:

>In short, I can't believe the gall of Mr. Doyle to bring this press
>release to this forum...

I don't think I can agree, even though I was put off by the broad language
of the press release. If there's anything to this, it's good to know about
it. Aside from the rhetoric, we should be open to the possibility that
there are people here who might actually want to considering licensing the

As the primary list for Web developers to exchange information, www-talk
seems to me to be the right place to let others know of new
developer-related products... though we can ask that people write about
them for this audience (concise technical overview) rather than posting
press releases. And yeah, I'm arguing for my own purposes, while faintly
defending EOLAS.

I agree that it's pointless to debate the legal and technical issues
further on www-talk.