Re: can multi-content-type in a message?

Siddharth Tiku (
Tue, 22 Aug 1995 11:03:35 +0500

>I want to program a cgi to transfer a piece of audio together with a text/html
>back to the browser. The audio can be a explanation to the file or even a some
>music. I need it because the file is in English and the audio explanation is
>in Chinese, and the audio should be immediately played without a user to click.
>So, can I transfer different types of contents in a single message? From the
>http draft I can see no hint whether it is possible or impossible.
>Robert Wang

Yes, you can do it.
This concept in HTTP 1.0 is borrowed from MIME.
Have a look at the section 8.1.2 (MultiPart Types ) in HTTP draft.
For further details refer to RFC 1521.( MIME-1).

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