Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 23:36:26 -0400

In message <>, Mike Doyle writes:
[something in defense of this pending patent]

OK, folks: I've had it. I won't comment on the technical achievement
nor the legal issues of the press release, but as a representative
of the organization that provides this mailing list as something
of a public service, I feel the need to excercise some editorial control.

In short, I can't believe the gall of Mr. Doyle to bring this press
release to this forum, let alone defend it. His actions are so
antithetical to the purpose of this mailing list that I would prefer
to shut the whole thing down rather than see one more message on
this topic here.

Please, stop this thread. The disucssion of the the history of
distributed applications and the legal issues of software patents
may interest some of the members of this forum, but it just
doesn't belong here. Take it somewhere else, or I may excercise
my editorial control even more strongly :-)

Have a nice day,