Karl Auerbach (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 18:30:34 -0700 (PDT)

> There's also Java which was started in 1990 and first demo'd in 1991;
> the NeWS window system which transmitted executable application code
> starting in 1985; PostScript was really dynamic exchange of executable
> code for rendering documents, and it was done in 1980. Based of course
> on ideas from Interpress where executable code for rendering documents
> was being transmitted in the late 70s. Then there was a lisp system,
> whose name a forget, which ran on Xerox's PDP-10 clones (MAXC) and
> could dynamically download ui's/behaviour/graphics to Alto's in the
> early 70s.

And in the network management area, SMARTS (Yemini/Columbia University) has
been using "management by delegation". Hewlett Packard has been moving code
about and I've been having lots of open discussions (since the late '80s)
about moving Scheme programs about.

Then looking further back, we have the mid 70's Locus systems (UCLA and
Locus Corporation) and I believe work on the UC Irvine DCS in the late '60s.