FWD>Adobe Acrobat 2.1 announced

Kurt Foss (kfoss@journalism.wisc.edu)
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:04:55 -0500

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>HOT OFF THE PRESS - Acrobat v. 2.1 announced today. Here is an excerpt of
>Adobe's press release. Full text available at the EMERGE web site at
>http://www.emrg.com --
>Adobe Announces Acrobat v. 2.1 Software for Universal Electronic Publishing
>Provides expanded tools to create dynamic electronic information with
>enhanced Internet integration and multimedia support
> Mountain View, Calif., (August 21, 1995)
>Adobe Systems Incorporated extended the standard for electronic publishing
>today, introducing Adobe=81 Acrobat=81 2.1 software (25k PDF file) with new
>authoring tools for multimedia and World Wide Web publishing, as well as
>additional platform support for Microsoft=AE Windows NT=81, Windows=81 95, =
>Power Macintosh=AE, SunOS=81, Sun=81 Solaris=AE, HP-UX and Silicon=
Graphics=AE IRIX=AE
>Adobe also introduced Acrobat Search for CD-ROMs, a cost-effective
>publishing solution that offers the Acrobat Reader with full-text search
>capability, enabling publishers to create fully searchable, cross-platform
>CD-ROM titles.