Re: Scritp's

Steve Heaney (
Wed, 16 Aug 95 10:10:28 BST

The www-talk list is really intended for "technical discussions for
those developing WWW software". Questions related to CGI scripts
should go to comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi. Having said that,
I don't think what you're asking for can be done via CGI.

The simplest tool to use for "automating" client requests is the
W3C line mode browser[1], which can be invoked from a Unix shell script.
Alternatively, if you want to do more elaborate stuff, I've found the
Python scripting language [2] very useful.

Bear in mind that automating the retrieval implies that you are storing
your password somewhere for the program to retrieve - not a good idea!

Steve Heaney
Schlumberger Cambridge Research.