Distributed Informatics in Education - Call for Participation

Julio Feller Golin (golin@edugraf.ufsc.br)
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 11:08:45 -0300


As I think this is related with topics of this list,
here goes an announce and call for participation in
a Workshop on Distributed Informatics in Education.

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VI Brazilian Symposium on Computing in Education SBIE'95

WORKSHOP 3 - Distributed Informatics in Education

Florianopolis, Brazil - November 22-24, 1995

Brazilian Computer Society - SBC

Federal University of Santa Catarina


See also: http://www.edugraf.ufsc.br

The ubiquity of computer networks introduces new dimensions
in the use of informatics, especially in education. The use
of the computer is no longer seen as a personal teaching tool,
but as a powerful collaboration tool with connectivity.

The use of distributed computing technologies in education
enables the cooperation, interaction and joint development of
virtual communities through the use of computer networks.
Some of these technologies have had wide use, such as Web (WWW),
IRCs, MUDs and programming environments with parallelism/distribution

On one hand, one can envision new horizons where the use of
these new technologies is possible, revitalizing old utopias such
as "open schools" or "societies without schools". On the other hand,
it is alarming to see that most of these technologies are not produced
in our country, and how difficult it is to produce them locally, or even
adapt them for use in our culture/reality.

Thus, the aim of this workshop is twofold: first, to make a brief survey
of the main software tools in use internationally by bringing foreign
researchers involved in the development and use of these tools together.
Secondly, to survey what has been developed and used in our country
in terms of new computing models, environments, etc and efforts made
to adapt foreign tools to our context.

Related topics include:

- Use of low-cost networks to provide metropolitan connectivity

- Educational Software with Parallel/Distributed Modelling Support

- Networked Computer-Supported Collaborative Environments for

- Virtual Reality Environments

Those who wish to present experience reports in the workshop
should send a one-page summary (in UUENCODED RTF format)
to the organizers of the workshop before September 29, 1995:

Prof. Luiz F. B. Melgarejo
Caixa Postal 476
88040-900 Florianopolis, SC - BRASIL
E-mail: fernando@edugraf.ufsc.br

Marcio Q. Marchini
Object Technology International Inc
2670 Queensview Drive
Ottawa ON K2B 8J5 CANADA
E-mail: marcio@oti.on.ca