New Apache server BETA release...

Robert S. Thau (
Mon, 7 Aug 95 13:38:25 EDT

The Apache project is proud to announce a new beta release of its
server, Apache; see for pointers to code and
documentation. This release features ---

*) non-forking server pool operation on all systems, with the size
of the server pool dynamically adapted to the observed load (so
you don't have to guess how many server processes you need ---
if you can get that right, you're doing better than us ;-).

*) API for server extensions. Just about anything can be done through
the API, and in the server code itself, most things are (including
all forms of authentication, CGI, server-side includes, etc.).

*) Better handling of languages in Content Negotiation --- in
particular, MultiViews can now be configured to recognize certain
suffixes (*.fr, *.en, *.de, etc.) as signifying the language of the
text in the file (a frequently requested feature).

*) Improved NCSA 1.4 compatibility, via optional modules which implement
the RefererLog, RefererIgnore and UserAgentLog features.

Finally, we have some experimental modules, both to illustrate the
possibilities of the API, and to give a preliminary indication of
future directions for our own code (though the official versions of
these features will probably differ somewhat from these experimental
versions). These include:

*) An experimental replacement for the standard logger, which
supports a LogFormat directive allowing you to control the format
of lines in the access_log (and to add such fields as Referer and

*) A module which uses the GNU dld library (if you have it) to load
other modules at runtime.

This code has undergone an internal beta test for the last several
weeks on some very busy servers, and is believed to be more or less
stable; however, it is still beta code, and those valuing stability
above all else may wish to continue using the more mature release
0.6.5 code for the next week or two; after that, we anticipate a
further, non-beta 0.8.x release fixing any minor bugs which are
uncovered during this test period.