test of new Location header usage

Shel Kaphan (sjk@amazon.com)
Sun, 6 Aug 1995 15:38:07 -0700

Given the new use of the Location header in the HTTP spec, I would be curious
what happens when you run the following test on your servers. Especially NCSA
and CERN. Put this in your cgi-bin directory:

echo "Status:200"
echo "Location: http://www.yoursite.com/loser.html"
echo "<html>"
echo "<h1>this is only a text</h1>"
echo "</html>"

and call it foo (also chmod a+x), and then telnet to port 80 (or whatever
your server runs on) and type

GET /cgi-bin/foo HTTP/1.0

followed by two newlines.

What response header do you get? (Would expect either 200 if it
works, or 302 if it doesn't).