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Danyel Ceccaldi (dceccald@elaine.crcg.edu)
Mon, 5 Jun 1995 11:13:28 +0500

Hi folks,

It would be nice to have a href-tag
<A HREF="Return to last entry in history">
(you could implement a BACK-Button inside the HTML-Widget)

>1) I can't change history lists with current browsers

You MUST NOT. It's private. But it would be possible
to do the things you want to do
by a safe command language on client side, which has
the ability to store information/objects.
A browser, who still has a safe command language is Java
from Sun (http://java.sun.com/).


The mail which I refer to above (There was no subject or author-email).

>BTW, while the expires header is adequate for disabling cacheing, it
>is not adequate for controlling history list contents, see the first
>few messages in this thread. If you, as a dynamic form author, want
>to make the history list never point to an old version, you are out of
>As a dynamic service author, I have often wanted to have the ability
>to mess with the history lists of the users. Having this abilitity, I
>could improve the safety and navigation speed (no more backing up
>through forms) of my service.
>1) I can't change history lists with current browsers
>2) I can't think of any general yet safe command language for
> communicating history list manipulations to the browser
>3) dynamic history lists have the potential of being very confusing
>4) I don't think all users will appreciate me changing their history
> lists
>5) I certainly would hate to have my history list `improved' by every
> bozo with a bright idea whose site I happen to browse
>6) a mechanism for changing history lists opens a whole new realm of
> subtle security considerations.
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