wcol-beta05, announce and call for teseter

Sat, 3 Jun 95 10:56:34 PDT

At 7:59 AM 5/31/95, Jon Knight wrote:
>Erm, it should do. Proxy caches shouldn't be caching any returns from
>CGI scripts as these are likely to be dynamic documents (ie they can
>change between invocations). If the CGI script is called and then

Returns from CGI scripts work fine (that was the first option I gave). The
problem is when the CGI script does a redirect to another document, and
that document is cached. Unfortunately, when you are writing generic order
forms, it's a lot easier to redirect to someone's order form than it is to
try and read it off of the local disk (who knows where in the file
structure) and print it out that way.

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