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Thu, 1 Jun 1995 22:01:38 +0500

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>What are some good Internet magzines I should subscribe to?

I highly recommend _Internet World_ by Mecklermedia[1]. I have found
each issue that I got my hands on sufficiently interesting that I read
it cover to cover: features, columns, feedback letters, and even the
ads. And I'm talking about the hardcopy version, though having it on
the web is a bonus!

Lots of folks seem to like WIRED, but it doesn't hold my interest
the way IW does.

I saw a more "trade rag" style magazine called Interactive Age that
had lots of relavent stuff. And Communications of the ACM is pretty
good (though not always relavent to the internet).

Oh! And don't forget[2] (and GNN and the upcoming "Web Review")
-- anything by the O'Reilly gang is something to keep an eye on.

[1] Internet World Home Page
Mon May 22 20:40:01 1995


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