Re: page reloads

Kee Hinckley (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 13:48:51 +0500

At 4:49 AM 6/1/95, Jon Knight wrote:
>Some people have pointed out that the CGI script might not know where the
>document to be loaded is located which is possible but unlikely, mainly
>because it would have to know where it is to issue the HTTP redirect.

Not true. I can determine the URL of the document either by passing it from
the form to the script, or because I know what it's going to be ahead of
time. The physical location of the document however is not possible to
assertain portably from one site from another. As far as I can tell, even
DOCUMENT_ROOT doesn't work if you are using aliases to point out of the
source tree. The root directory of my particular web site is the one thing
I have to hard code in a script config file as I move a site from a staging
area to the final location. Maybe the cern server has a working solution
to this, but I can't find one under NCSA 1.3 or Apache.

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