Re: page reloads

Adrian John Howard (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 10:09:21 +0500

> From: Steve Nisbet <>
> Hi folks,
> maybe this has been answered before, but is there currently a method to force
> a document reload, say after a form has been processed. I suppose there isnt
> at the moment. I was wondering if anyone else would find it useful.


o Have the CGI script which processes the form return an HTML

o Use one of the browser APIs which are now available to force the
browser to reload (CCI should be able to do this soon, I think the
Netscape one can do it now.)
See <>

o NCC added some (IMHO atrocious) hacks to the last version of
Netscape to allow "dynamic documents" which allows you to reload
documents periodically.
See <>


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