Re: page reloads

Jon Knight (
Wed, 31 May 1995 07:59:34 +0500

On Wed, 31 May 1995, Kee Hinckley wrote:
> >Just have the CGI script that processes the FORM return the required
> >document?
> I believe the point was that this doesn't necessarily force a reload.

Erm, it should do. Proxy caches shouldn't be caching any returns from
CGI scripts as these are likely to be dynamic documents (ie they can
change between invocations). If the CGI script is called and then
returns some arbitrary HTML document, that document is the one that the
browser should display.

> 1) Have the order script be the thing that spits out the form.
> In other words.
> /cgi-bin/takeorder
> spits out an empty order form when invoked with no arguments, and it's
> forms just resubmit to itself.

And it can also spit out the empty form (or whatever it was you wanted to
reload) once the form has been processed. That was what was originally
asked for I thought.

Maybe there are some really broken caches that cache the output of CGI
scripts that I wasn't aware of though...


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