Re: caching dilemma

Koen Holtman (
Tue, 30 May 1995 17:15:27 +0500

Kee Hinckley:
>Now if you want to argue that Redirect is for moved documents, and there
>should be a "NowGoHere" directive, I might be persuaded. But...

The draft http spec already defines both a Redirect and a NowGoHere.
The redirection code

301 Moved Permanently

signifies permanent redirection; clients are encouraged to remember
the it, and the code

302 Moved Temporarily

signifies a redirection that may be dynamic. The draft spec implies
that redirection information gotten in a 302 response may never be
cached, though I wonder how many clients conform to this part.

I've been writing on a draft spec commentary which suggests that the
expires header may be used to allow control cacheability of 302 (and
300) responses.