Re: Multiple language efforts?
Mon, 29 May 1995 10:35:08 +0500

> Brian Behlendorf <> wrote:
> There shouldn't be any context issues. For each request, the "optimal" page
> is delivered. The algorithm that determines "optimal" is left open to the
> document author/server developer - the HTTP spec simply says that in the
> Accept-Language: request fields list languages in the order of preference.
> Furthermore, the spec says "If the server cannot fulfill the request with one
> or more of the languages given, or if the languages only represent a subset
> of a multi-linguistic Entity-Body, it is acceptable to serve the request
> in an unspecified language", though I suppose you could also send an
> error code 406, "None Acceptible" and offer links to the versions you
> support.

Which clients allow to configure the Accept-Language Request ?

> I posted a week ago here that we needed a mechanism in URL's to express
> request headers, so that some sort of addressing can be used to obtain
> specific representations of objects (i.e., *exactly* the Italian version
> without requiring that the Italian version have its own URL). I didn't
> get any response, but I also hear that the mail list redistributor blew
> up last week - did anyone respond to that?

1) from a document:
ex: The anchor to the Italian version of the document (even the
Accept-Language of the client is english, give the italian version !
<a href=URL ???>Italian version</a>)

Possibility: An option in the <a href=URL Accept-Language=it>...</a>
anchor who bypass the Accept-Language request ???
2) from the client:
- change the accept-language preferrence
- or get the document with to above 1) option (who don't exists !)

Francis Somers