Re: User authentication
Sun, 28 May 95 15:02:25 PDT

I'm trying to get a feel for the current state of play regarding remote
publishing via the Web. I would appreciate if anyone can fill in any
gaps. So far I've got the following:

- PUT and POST have been in HTTP/1.0 for a long time although largely
unnused. (The latest Internet draft (12-May-95) [1] however refers
to "current implementations of the POST and PUT methods" (7.2) - where
are they?).

- The current implementations I am aware of are the "intelligent
publishing environment" from Georgia Inst. of Technology [2] and
the Symposia editor/browser [3] from Grif and INRIA.

- a method for file upload does not yet seem to be agreed upon although
there is a draft proposal [5] from Nebel, Masinter at Xerox.
(Several questions over the past few months on www-talk on this).

- the CERN server supports PUT/POST via external scripts (this is used
by Symposia). Symposia documentation implies that more complete
support in the CERN/W3O server is on its way [4].

And some questions:

- are there any browsers supporting file upload and PUT (aside from

- are there any servers with generic PUT and POST support other than
CERN httpd?

- when can we hope to see broad support from clients/servers?

- is forms-based file upload a prerequesite for remote publishing using
current Web browsers?

Thanks in advance,


[2] Pitkow, Jones