Re: Byte ranges -- formal spec proposal

Kee Hinckley (
Fri, 26 May 1995 11:06:27 +0500

At 8:44 AM 5/26/95, Darren New wrote:
>> Well, the most common format, audio/basic, has header information which
>> contains magic numbers and the Hz and stuff like that, and technically is
>> not a legal audio/basic file without them, though many players will toler=
>> this. I would put this in the same category as HTML; arbitrary segments
>> probably are not legal, but viewers might be able to tolerate them.
>Huh? Audio/basic is what ISDN uses. It has no headers at all.

Technically you are correct. However there are a large number of viewers
out there (on all platforms) which are used for audio/basic, but which
choke if handed anything that doesn't have a Sun AU header on it.

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