WEB Info

Steve Nisbet (S.Nisbet@doc.mmu.ac.uk)
Fri, 26 May 1995 04:13:02 +0500

I have two points I would like to see some bilateral info on:

Firstly, for my own research, I am wondering if anyone knows what the share
of the platform market is for web software, ie. does anyone know whether there
are more UNIX machines running webs than PC's etc.

Secondly, I am experiencing a lot of hostile censorship and power battles at
my local site, where one autonomous section of the University seeks to hold
all other web servers on the site in thrall, standardising everything and
putting in place .
I quote
'A user hostile front end'.
then they are going to firewall the whole thing.

I may be wrong but I get the impression that this would make us somewhat
unique in the internet world, as the one institution refusing to talk to
anyone on equal terms, in fact, more or less refusing to talk to anyone.
I was wondering if there are opinions on this, or if similar situations
occur elsewhere. To me it seems to be at extreme odds with the philosophy of
the web and I (and others) are quite upset that this kind of Draconian attitude
persists in an advancing world of open communication.


Yours in his politically sound bunker
Steve Nisbet