Re: Browser Displayed URL

Robert A. Lentz (
Thu, 25 May 1995 16:48:18 +0500

> For example, if a node has this base statement:
> <base href="">
> while the actual file location for this node is:
> {htdocs}/AccessGuide/AccessGuide.html.
> and most readers access this node via an imagemap redirect:
> "rect /AccessGuide/AccessGuide.html 56,364 162,393"
> When the node is reached, what location should browsers display
> to the user and use in hot lists?
> or
> or
> I have seen browsers use all three forms:
> how I got there,
> where I was redirected,
> what the node says it is.

The last is the most important, being the author's statement of how they
wish the document referred to as; very important when copying the URL.


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