Security on the CERN server

Adam Shenker (
Mon, 22 May 1995 04:33:45 +0500

Dear All,

I am having difficulties in setting password control on our server (CERN HTTP 3.0
running on SUNOS 4.1.3_U1).

I have followed the User Guide instructions in detail, and have tried
setting up both the 'Embedded Protection setup in the Configuration File'
and the 'ACL' Setup.

With the Embedded protection, the server when initialised acknowledges that
certain file areas have protection set for them, but when that area is
accessed, the server (running in Verbose Mode) says that no protection has
been set up.

When using the ACL protection Methodology, all users are locked out of the

Also, the User Guide only defines 'basic' as a legal 'AuthType' variable -
what other possibilities are there?

Has Anybody had similar problems to these? Does anybody know of any solutions?