Re: Byte ranges -- formal spec proposal
Thu, 18 May 1995 02:17:29 -0700

Specter, Inc. is proud to announce the immediate availability
of WebWatch 1.0 for Windows. WebWatch is a tool for keeping
track of changes in selected Web documents.

Given an HTML document referencing URLs on the Web, WebWatch
produces a filtered list, containing only those URLs that have
been modified since a given time.

The input file can be e.g.
- the bookmark file of Netscape; or
- the exported (to HTML format) hotlist of Mosaic; or
- any other, standard HTML document, edited locally or
retrieved from the Web.

The time used for filtering
- can be given as a global setting that applies to all URLs, or
- WebWatch can derive it automatically, using the time of your
last visit to the document, as recorded by your Web browser in
your local HTML (bookmark) file.

WebWatch generates a local HTML document that contains links to
only those documents which were updated after the given date.
You can load this document into any Web browser and use it to
navigate to the updated documents.

WebWatch stores its arguments in a parameter file. Once you
have customized the program to your needs, using its graphical
front-end, you can have it run in unattended mode, periodically.

WebWatch supports the use of proxy servers.

WebWatch is currently available for every (16 and 32 bit)
Windows platforms.

WebWatch is shareware. Single user registration after 30 days
evaluation is US $18. We offer free registration for every new
bug found.

For further information and to download your copy, please visit