Re: NCSA Server (1.3) and ScriptAlias problems
Thu, 11 May 95 10:00:27 PDT

Excerpts from 9-May-95 How bout types of colored l.. "Adam T.
McClure"@nag.cs (1382)

> It seemed logical to me to define a named type of link that has a particular
> color associated with it. All the references to definitions could be
> in blue, the links to other elements of the discussion in red, and
> purple would jump off my server to an off-site page.

Surely the nicest way to do this would be to enhance the stylesheet spec
(if it doesn't provide for it already) so that links of specific
relation types can be modified seperately to the general class of links.
E.g. all links should look blue, but links.Annotation should be
paleblue, blah, blah.

You might even be able to go so far as to say, I'm only interested in
links of class "Subdocument", so only highlight those and make all
others non-lighted (as 'twere).

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