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Wed, 10 May 1995 14:50:22 +0500

I have a problem and if anybody could help I would be most pleased. If
this is not the correct list for this kind of help, please forgive my

Appended arguments to a URL (GET method) do not appear to be passed to
the cgi-test.pl script that ships with the cgi-lib.zip distribution
package for WWW/perl/HTML. (httpd & Mosaic for Linux, perl4)

To recreate :

1) Generate some HTML from a gateway script. 2) Include a URL that
looks like

<A HREF="HTTP://hostname/cgi-lib/test-cgi.pl?123+myfile.tmpl">click
3) Click on the URL and wait for a return from the cgi-test script.
The script returns a blank page - the arguments are being passed but
are not being displayed (no prompt for an argument appears).

It was my impression that this script would be the best way to test
that the URLs I am generating in my gateway script are valid. Any
arguments I pass to them by appending should be listed in the returned
page. This is either not the case or something else is happening
between the click on the URL and the returned cgi-test page.

I am certain that my directory aliases and rights etc are correctly
set up for my standalone httpd server. The access_log shows that the
script is being reached and dummy text HTML inserted in various parts
of the cgi-test script show that it is being axecuted and that it
recognises that arguments have been appended. A version problem
perhaps ?

Thanks Ultan