Re: Reasonable new feature?

Bert Bos (
Tue, 9 May 1995 06:26:01 +0500

Jeremie Miller <> writes:

|I have done a good deal of HTML page development for various different
|reasons, and have found this idea to be useful in many cases. I propose an
|addition to HTML 3.0 that would allow small windows to pop up when the mouse
|is overtop of some keywords, containing some information. Example:
|This is a new feature of
|<window show="HyperText Markup Language">HTML</window>.
|This is a new feature of
|<a html="HyperText Markup Language" window>HTML</a>.
|This is a new feature of HTML
| \_________________________
| |HyperText Markup Language|
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

You're too late, it has already been proposed:-) It now seems likely
that there will be a footnote tag (<FN>) in HTML 3.0, with a suggested
rendering like what you describe. See
<> for the
currently proposed syntax. The exact syntax may still change, but the
basic idea is there.


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