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Fri, 5 May 1995 20:55:18 +0500

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% Alternatively, if your computer has multiple network interfaces (or
% can be configured to pretend that it does), you can assign one IP

How can you configure a machine to pretend it has more than
one network interface? Do you know if there's a standard
way to do this in UNIX?

% address to, assign another to, and run a server which
% behaves differently depending on which IP address is used to contact
% it. The important thing is that the IP addresses must be distinct,
% since an HTTP client doesn't try to tell the server what it thinks the
% server's name is.
% The server you use has to be aware of this arrangement as well, of
% course. Patches are available for the NCSA server (and probably for
% CERN as well); Apache, an NCSA derivative, comes with this code
% integrated in to the main body (and we've even gotten around to
% documenting it). See
% for details on how this works...
% rst