Re: URLs in saved documents

Bert Bos (
Mon, 1 May 1995 21:32:55 +0500

Martin Hamilton writes:

|It would be nice if WWW browsers gave you the option of including the
|URLs of hyperlinks in the saved versions of HTML documents (perhaps
|some do already?). For instance, an easy way of doing this would be
| <A HREF="">Acme Widgets, Inc</A>
|to become
| Acme Widgets, Inc <URL:>
|in a saved (say) text or PostScript version of the document. There
|are probably quite a few more, and fancier, ways of doing this - like
|footnotes, or an automagically generated list of references at the
|end of the document ?

The answer is, again, style sheets: using the notation of my own
proposal -- soon to be replaced with a better one -- you could express
this as, for example:

*A.insertafter: &lt;!HREF&gt;

maining that the formatter inserts text at the end of every A element,
consisting of "<", followed by the value of the element's HREF
attribute, followed by ">".

The current list of proposed style properties is not
complete. Properties applicable to output to anything other than the
screen are missing. One such property is probably one to put text into
a footnote at the bottom of a printed page.

|Just a thought :-)

Good thought.


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