Re: distinguishing browser types
Sun, 30 Apr 1995 07:14:23 +0500

Brian Gaines writes:
> > Bill Perry writes:-
> > But what about a browser that is ultra-configured, and really _CAN_
> > display every type and its grandmother with no lossage whatsoever? Servers
> > should make assumptions like this, no matter if they are justified at the

^^^^^^ I meant should not.

> > moment. Browser authors should get off their !#%!#@ and do it right.

> This makes the assumption that browsers could possibly do it all.
> An important capability is the open architecture support of helpers
> for types of whose characteristics the browser author cannot be aware.
> Client = browser+helpers. Helpers can define their own MIME types
> and offer new functionality based on them.
> Much of the discussion this topic seems to assume that MIME types form
> a finite well-defined set. The extensibility is a very important feature.

Nope, no assumption about a defined set on my part. But if someone has
their joe studly machine and browser configured with every helper app known
to man, plus a generic viewer for all */x-yyyyy stuff that asks what to do,
then they can view everything.

Trying to be psychic and say: 'Ahhh, they said A, but they really must
have meant B' is in general a bad thing.

-Bill P.