CGI spec revisited

Paul Phillips (
Fri, 28 Apr 1995 20:52:46 +0500

I didn't hear anything about a more rigorous CGI specification than the
one at hoohoo, so I assume there is none. NCSA httpd 1.4b4-2 has added
support for more environment variables: DOCUMENT_ROOT, ERROR_STATUS,
ERROR_URL, ERROR_REQUEST. Perhaps even more since then. Unfortunately,
none of these appear in the spec. This sort of thing introduces gratuitous
incompatabilities -- CGI scripts really shouldn't have to depend on the
server they are running on, just the CGI version that's implemented.

If the docs at hoohoo are indeed the definitive CGI spec, would the NCSA
people please start a CGI 1.2 or something before adding more variables?
HTML and HTTP are splintering enough without CGI joining them.


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