CGI 1.1 spec

Paul Phillips (
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 01:27:42 +0500

Is there a more definitive copy of the CGI 1.1 spec than the one at It has more the sense of a tutorial than a rigorous
specification. In particular, I quote from

In addition to these, the header lines recieved from the client, if
any, are placed into the environment with the prefix HTTP_ followed by
the header name. Any - characters in the header name are changed to _
characters. The server may exclude any headers which it has already
processed, such as Authorization, Content-type, and Content-length. If
necessary, the server may choose to exclude any or all of these
headers if including them would exceed any system environment limits.

An example of this is the HTTP_ACCEPT variable which was defined in
CGI/1.0. Another example is the header User-Agent.

There is no indication here that the header name should be turned into
all capital letters, as seems to have been done in all the examples.
True, it is a convention that environment variables be represented in all
caps, but "foo" and "FOO" are distinct and a literal interpretation of
the spec would indicate that the env variable should be called HTTP_Accept.

In summary, I know what was *meant*, but I'd much prefer something
unambiguous. Does such a beast exist?

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