Re: distinguishing browser types
Fri, 28 Apr 1995 02:00:07 +0500

Robert S. Thau writes:
> From:
> Now, if only browsers would actually do that... instead, we have hacks
> on top of hacks on top of hacks, and nobody dares implement the real
> spec because so many broken clients will cause it to behave in
> unreasonable ways. Most urgent is to put a quality value that is less
> than 1 on the type */*, unless the client really does mean to say that
> it can display every content-type in the entire world completely
> losslessly.
> Note how having the server default quality to less than one on */*
> conveniently solves this problem...

But what about a browser that is ultra-configured, and really _CAN_
display every type and its grandmother with no lossage whatsoever? Servers
should make assumptions like this, no matter if they are justified at the
moment. Browser authors should get off their !#%!#@ and do it right.

> Your broken record for the day,

Welcome to the club. :) We just have to get lots more broken records and
we get a free spec from columbia house records!

-Bill P.