FW: Pros and Cons of various OSs for Web

Staffan Berger, ElektroPost (staffan@ep.se)
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 00:24:03 +0500

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The best is to set up a Web server in the environment you have knowledge=
We decided to run our server on Windows NT just because we know this OS=

I don't think Windows NT is better or worse than Mac or Sparc as a WWW =
server. They are all the same - you write your HTML pages and they are =
loaded irrespective of the server environment.

For your home - that's the same as above. Do you have a leased line to =
your home?
At home most persons are running Windows, so I'll suggest Windows 95 and=
the WebSite server. More info about WebSite can be loaded from =20
http://dc3.alisa.com/ (this is Robert Denny's, (the author of WebSite) =

Please follow up this if you don't agree ...


Disclaimer: I only speaks for my company and this should not be mixed up=
with my personally opinions.

From: Mosley, Art
Sent: den 26 April 1995 15.35
To: www-talk
Subject: Pros and Cons of various OSs for Web Servers

Could anyone describe the pros and cons of various systems (operating
system, hardware/software, connections, etc.) for setting up a Web Serve=
r =20

for home or office.

Is a mac better than windows NT or Sparcstation? For the office we have=

direct access to the internet and we have one Sparcstation 20 and one =20=

5. We may or may not be able to use those for internet apps. Should be=

purchase another Sparc or buy a mac...windows NT?

For the home what would be best?


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