Re: distinguishing browser types

H&kon W Lie (
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 20:07:15 +0500 writes:

> Arena (all versions that I have used, from 0.90 onwards) send out
> Accept: headers based on your .mailcap, but not the system wide mailcap,
> for example


> Note that there are good quality factors for the HTML formats. I had
> thought it sent out the stuff from /usr/local/lib/mailcap too, but
> obviously not; a pity.

>From RFC 1343 (June 1992) :

Location of the Mailcap File(s)

For UNIX, a path search of mailcap files is specified. The
default path search is specified as including at least the


However, this path may itself be overridden by a path
specified by the MAILCAPS environment variable.

This is what Arena currently supports.


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