Consideration in naming products (was: Re: Apache Server Announcement)

Steve H Rose (
Sat, 22 Apr 1995 18:55:03 +0500

Hello there.

I just found out that there is a server called the "Apache." I've got to
wonder whether the people who are developing this server have contacted
the Apache nation to find out whether it is ok to use their name.

It is, unfortunately, common practice to use names of American Indian
nations as if they were mytical or historical -- like "The Trojans."
However, there are real people involved here -- who have a culture and
the right to be treated with dignity. Indigenous peoples, in
particular, have had so much stolen from them -- their land, their
culture, even some of their spiritual traditions -- that it seems
particularly important to be sensitive about using their name as well.
It is possible that the Apache nation would be proud to have a server
named after them, but it would seem proper to ask -- if this hasn't
been done already.


Steve Habib Rose