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Paul Williams (pcw@hooked.net)
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 02:24:49 +0500

>Hello List,
> I have a couple of questions regarding .CGI scripts. Could someone
>point me to a good introduction to scripts? Am I correct in understanding
>that the scripts are generally written in C? That is no good for me (since
>I don't code). That being the case, are there any scripts already written
>that are available to the non-programmer?

1) there are a few hyperlinks for cgi scripting, but imho the best is

2) scripts can be written in any language that can accecpt command line
arguments. Most typical scripts are written in shell scripting languages,
PERL, or C.

> See, my situation is this: I'm an Intern here at Georgia Southern
>University, and while I have a good deal of Intneret experience, and I can
>write good html, I'm totally unfamiliar with scripts and programming and
>the like. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

my advice: learn perl.

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