Re: common log format...unresolved hosts?

Paul Phillips (
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 16:54:28 +0500

You could compile with -DPARANOID and just drop connections that you
can't reverse lookup :-) (no, you can't really, tcp wrappers joke.)

That high percentage is accurate. Many web accesses are from dialup slip
and ppp connections, and many of the providers of these services do not
provide reverse lookups. It's annoying but that's the modern Internet.


On Thu, 13 Apr 1995, Bob Cunningham wrote:

> In re log analysis, we fairly consistently see about 26%-27% of
> browing IP addresses showing up unresolved.
> Does that much of the Internet indeed have broken DNS reverse lookups,
> or is that high a percentage some sort of artifact of how the httpd
> server (NCSA httpd in our case) does logging?