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Darren New (
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 11:58:36 +0500

> I, too, am very interested in safe-TCL, though I'm personally more
> interested in using it to extend a Web server rather than to extend a
> Web client. I searched the TCL FAQ a month or so ago and didn't find
> anything more on safe-TCL than a paper describing its design. The
> paper nor the FAQ mentioned where to pick up an implementation. Even
> a buggy implementation would be a good thing to play with -- the paper
> didn't make it sound like *doing* it would be tremendously difficult,
> but reinventing a wheel doesn't appeal to me. :-)

An implementation of SafeTcl is available from

Other directories under /pub/code give examples of using SafeTcl for
extending web servers. In addition, is running
about 98% SafeTcl code (besides the httpd itself).

> I don't know if there are any in-the-know safe-TCL folks subscribed to
> this list, but a quickie message about implementations and/or mailing
> lists would be useful to at least this person. In the meantime, I'll
> dig for more FAQ & other info on TCL in general and, gasp! wade
> through the stuff currently in comp.lang.tcl to see what I can find.

The other choice is to send mail to (I think that's
right) to get Nathaniel's latest FAQ, wherein it will list places to get
SafeTcl and all. --Darren

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