Lejariel Laurent local (lejariel@ldg.bruyeres.cea.fr)
Fri, 7 Apr 1995 11:01:59 +0500


about Mosaic2.5.

Trying to deal with tables in NCSA Mosaic 2.5, I'm facing some problems. I use
a Sun Sparc20 running under SunOs 4.1.3

I used the tutorial at

1. It appears that when a tag, (e.g. <B>...</B>)
is placed in a cell, it doesn't show on screen. More than that, the text that
follows the closing tag is lost and the cell doesn't format well. Lists,
Images don't show in the NCSA Tutorial.
(Sorry, I've just seen it's
a reported bug in version 2.5)

2. When I save or print a page that contains a table from Mosaic (in Postscript, plain or formatted text), the table is lost in the saved file.

Did I misconfigure Mosaic 2.5 or is it a known problem about this version ?




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