Why Mosaic (SMTP Id#: 50843) -Reply

Agostino Canepa (mwl@nrc.gov)
Mon, 3 Apr 1995 12:21:27 +0500

<I saw one of my "netscape-enhanced" www-pages on a
<Mosaic-browser today and
<got horrified! It didn't show my work as it was intended.

<My question is: Why does people use Mosaic when
<Netscape is better and
<can be obtained free all over the net?

Netscape is not free for all users. Netscape is free for
personal users and non-profit organizations. Companies and
government agencies that provide Web access to their users
must use a free browser, such as NCSA Mosaic, or pay for
Netscape or an enhanced Mosaic.

<Do you think that I should limit my layout so that
<mosaic-users can enjoy
<my pages as well? This would be a major setback for me
<because I really
<enjoy the new features in recent versions of HTML.

You should do one of 2 things:

1. Stop using the proprietary Netscape tags and stick to
standard HTML code so that the users of your information all
see it presented as intended.

2. You can continue using the Netscape tags, but you
should inform your users that your document has been
enhanced using these tags and is best viewed in Netscape.
This is a common signt on the Web.


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