I am not at my desk...

Walt Drummond (drummond@hardees.rutgers.edu)
Sat, 1 Apr 1995 19:21:30 +0500

I'm out of the office now (April 2 - 7). I'll be reading my mail
during the week, and will respond as best I can. For more immediate
results, here is the contact list:

EOHSI/CCL machines:
Jason Consorti (consorti@fosters.rutgers.edu)

USACS Systems
Faisal Mahmud (faisal@noc.rutgers.edu)

Track Support

WWW Service:

Have fun,

Walt Drummond (drummond@noc.rutgers.edu) (908) 445-2542
Network Services PO Box 879, Hill Cntr
Rutgers University Computing Services Piscataway, NJ
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